You need to know absolutely the terroir: Nizza.

What does it mean Nizza?

Why this appelation?

What about the grape?


Nizza D.O.C.G. is born in 2014 and made by 100% of Barbera. Is a new concept to speak about this variety. It's produced in a very little winemaking's area, which just 18 wine-village surrounding Nizza Monferrato can produce it. So winemakers, farmers, enologists, viticolture technicians, now, can show one wine, but not only the cultivar, very important, but even the terroir where Barbera may be one of the top product for Italian and European' commerce. The area of growing is the main thing, because without that, how to produce the wine? South exposition, guyot only mode of pruning, clay-sable about the kind of soil and ONLY BARBERA are the best condition to do this project and promove the NIZZA TERROIR.



2016: first year of Nizza from Agliano Terme, for #biancoangelowinery…work in progress…

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