Planting and growing


 The great part of soils is from clay and sable-marn. Before new planting it does always burglary, drainage and animal's fertilization. The young vines are planted by machine, to obtaing maximum line-up. The soil is permanent full of natural gross, without use of commercial varieties. Young pruning is made for the first 2-3 years to give the perfect grow and then the production pruning is separated in two different kind: dry and green. The first one is from Angelo, granpa, that he did already and sure she's not a young tec of pruning: two branches, the little one of 1-2 buds and grape-canopy of 7-8 buds; all is on one espalier. With the second one it takes out the double shoots and young small leafs the month after shooting. Pending the summer four works: creasing where is not possible to work with the tractor, topping, vine cleaning and green harvest, usually made when grapes are green and at the beginning of veraison.


Picking and winemaking


 Fruit is the first material, which quality is the same even in the final wine produced. Quality depends by climate and for this, it find to work very good in the vineyards to obtain the best berries during the harvest. Cutivars have one captain: Barbera, grafted on SO4, Kober 5BB rootstocks and a small part ungrafted, on Rupestris, the vine-mother of classic Barbera d'Asti, "Lovetta", name of locality where winery is located. The main clone is AT84, with a smalI percentage of Calosso's clone, very interesting for the small grape. But Barbera is not alone, there are also other local cultivars: Dolcetto, Freisa, Grignolino and the international' like Pinot noir and Manzoni Bianco, made by Riesling and Pinot blanc, but born in Italy. The harvest is made by hands in small basckets of 20 kg. The end of august and the beginning of october are the time's limits which the family is in the vineyards to control the maturation with frequent samples and to pick in the right moment. The philosophy is based on fight integrated for the law and COGNITION about personal definition. Extremes leave the time that they find, but the middle way is the best.